Summer Romance Make Up



I needed a little inspiration for applying my war paint today.  Searching through blogs, articles, pinterest, magazines and playing with my own make up, I became inspired by being au-naturale and the simplicity of accentuating the fine features on the face.

For instance:

Darkening the outer edges of the eyes while highlighting  the inner corners of the eyes to open the eye up bust still keep your edge with a cat eye.

Having long thin lashes rather then dark voluminous ones for the natural look but making you look awake.

Lining the lower lashes from the outer corners to center matching the position of your pupil with a charcoal or dark brown pencil

Using a fair pink blush rather then a deep rose colored one keeping the focus on your eyes and having a slight matte flush on the cheek

Sticking to nude lips applying a high-lighter just above the cupid’s bow to allow your lips to appear fuller but without the glam of gloss and lipstick

Soft whispy hair is always seen as romantic and a no-nonsense hair-do

Effortless exactly what we are going for.

No birthday cake face required for this one.

Have fun with your war paint today!






Spring Lips


Even though the first day of spring was cold and cloudy (wtf) I couldn’t be happier that it is finally here and the rainy days are behind us.  I’m more of a summer gal, you know what I mean?  I love warm mornings, later evenings and getting my tan on (while wearing SPF 50).  

For the appropriate Spring Has Sprung scenario, I thought what a perfect way to get dolled up with hot pink lips.  Minimal make up is my thing for this season and I don’t really care if they say playing up the eyes and down the lips is the trend, i’ll do what I want.  

‘A bright pink lip says girls just wanna have fun in a cool 80’s way’ and I dig that.

For your weekend- here’s your tip- Go Pink or Go Home.





Spring Forward!

We have finally Sprung Forward and our days are getting longer, which means summer is right around the corner!  So let’s do a “Make Up” look for the day to inspire your Spring/Summer Fashion.

Todays look focuses on a “just out of the ocean” kind of au natural look with nude rosey lips and nails to match along with bronzer and eyes that have a hint of pink and brown mixed with black liners.  Let your hair stay loose and wavey (easily done with the straightener tool) or throw some Fekkai  Summer Hair products on it for a relaxed (quick) day look.  Flowers in your hair are always a nice touch too 😉



Extend Your Mascara’s Life!


As my sister always taught me, I always get a little bit ready before leaving the house and part of that regimen includes applying mascara.

I find that mascara whether designer or contemporary always dries out before you are done using it; that is annoying and not friendly to any broke pockets.

In order to keep your mascara alive and kicking for a couple weeks longer- yes literally weeks- I’ve found this impressive recipe safe to use on all mascaras.

Mascara’s Tested:

LipFusion XL

Too Face



Urban Decay

Other Supplies:

Saline Solution (your contact lens cleaner)

Steps Taken

It’s really easy and doesn’t take too much time (which I fancy)!

Step 1- Open your mascara

Step 2- Take the tube that holds the mascara liquid and drop 4-5 drops of saline solution inside

Step 3- Take mascara wand and pump inside tube a few times to combine

Step 4- Use your mascara as usual

Dummy proof.

Your results should be a moist mascara solution that allows you to apply normally.

There. You. Go.

Monday’s Make Up Trick.




What Rocked My World This Week


Cobalt Nails

I couldn’t resist this tempting color.  I started with an older one I found in my nail polish collection (yes, I have a true collection with multiple hues).  I’ve always been a fan of funky colors and I just so happened to have one from Sally Hansen’s line of Xtreme Wear polishes in Pacific Blue (#33)


Cool. I know.


Perks Of Being a Wallflower

I just watched this movie and usually I can’t sit still during a 2 hour flick; however this one kept my eyes glued to the TV.  Emma Watson plays an awesome role of a rebel turned “I wanna go to college” kind of girl and the lead character Charlie is an over analyzer (I’m talking-about everything and I can relate) who is always in his head; writing often to a person who he doesn’t know- awkward at first with a history of addiction problems and blooming into a social butterfly making friends his freshman year of high school.   I mean. Let’s just say this movie is RAD.


Hot Pink Lipstick

This is a beauty blog- so lets focus on beauty.  I wanted to test out hot pink lipstick- fuchsia to be exact- so I got a tester from Wet n Wild.  For 99 cents I got a BANGIN pout.  I kept my face neutral with a light blush ( peaceful from Tarte) lining my lids first with Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Triggerfish by Stila and then overlapping with 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Bourbon from Urban Decay, filling in between my lashes and under my lashline.  Applying Supercurl Curling Mascara by Urban Decay to the top lashes and then the outer corner lower lashes.  


I applied powder over my lips and a primer to keep my cheap lipstick put (which worked)  Applied the lipstick, blotted, re-applied and brushed smoothly with my ring finger.


Try it.  It was pretty sexy and I got lots of compliments! Hows that for ninety-nine cents.


Loreal Moisturizing Eye Make Up Remover Wipes

To be honest I do not go anywhere without these things.  I was actually introduced to them by a friend (Nicole) after she watched me commit a huge beauty fowl- I was washing my eye make up off with soap- gross.  I use these before I get into the shower or before I take off my make up-  this is an okay time to play safe- we don’t like wrinkles.  They moisturize and protect that delicate skin area.  BOOM.


Finally My Super Easy  “Getting Ready To Run Errands” Routine


In the morning I rinse my face with warm water to open my pores up then rinse with cold water to close them.  I apply an eye cream and then my favorite Beauty Balm by Too Faced in Cream Glow.  I apply my blush Peaceful by Tarte and then get down to business on my eyes.  I never leave the house without a little liner and mascara- it makes you look so much more awake!  A little brown liner at the outter corner of the eyes, curling the lashes and swiping my everyday mascara Mega Lush by Maybelline.  The Vaseline is used for my eye brows.  Shaping and holding and making them look a little more tame; also applied to my lips for a simple, natural shine.