Taylor Swift Is Sexified At The Brit Awards!


It looks like this sweet country girl is going bad.. In a good way.

From those tight curls and frilly dresses to this new chic, edgy look, Taylor swift is turning in her nice girl looks for a bonafied edgy and gorgeous look; I thought I would never see the day!

Loving her relaxed hair and eye grazing bangs that fit perfectly along with her smokey come hither eye make up.  Pairing with a gorgeous peek-a-boo gown by Ellie Saab, Miss swift is opting for the dark side, keeping it elegant, young and fresh; we always love a good surprise!

And check out her “Rocker” fit:



Nailed it.  Not to mention she started off in a white dress and literally stripped down on stage.

I might actually become a Taylor fan now and I never, ever, thought that would happen 😉