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Summer Romance Make Up



I needed a little inspiration for applying my war paint today.  Searching through blogs, articles, pinterest, magazines and playing with my own make up, I became inspired by being au-naturale and the simplicity of accentuating the fine features on the face.

For instance:

Darkening the outer edges of the eyes while highlighting  the inner corners of the eyes to open the eye up bust still keep your edge with a cat eye.

Having long thin lashes rather then dark voluminous ones for the natural look but making you look awake.

Lining the lower lashes from the outer corners to center matching the position of your pupil with a charcoal or dark brown pencil

Using a fair pink blush rather then a deep rose colored one keeping the focus on your eyes and having a slight matte flush on the cheek

Sticking to nude lips applying a high-lighter just above the cupid’s bow to allow your lips to appear fuller but without the glam of gloss and lipstick

Soft whispy hair is always seen as romantic and a no-nonsense hair-do

Effortless exactly what we are going for.

No birthday cake face required for this one.

Have fun with your war paint today!






What Rocked My World This Week!



Ulta had an awesome deal on O.P.I. nail polishes this week, 2 for $15!

So I snagged Privacy Please for my fingertips and Bright Lights –  Big Color for my toes.  Love these for summertime!



My sweetie left me love notes each morning he was gone; what girl wouldn’t have a smile on her face!?



When we traveled up to Northern California to see the family, my sister and her husband took us to Double Barrel, a wine bar.  The owners were from Laguna Beach which made it even more awesome and to top it off, our server was so nice and made great suggestions for wine!



I loved finding this sign in the bathroom at Double Barrel– little meaningful moments.



If you are lucky enough to live at the beach, you are lucky enough.  My gorgeous view.



Our jungle is finally in bloom!  So many tomatoes, flowers, peppers ad herbs popping up.



It’s never a bad day when you feel like you are in Hawaii.  Found this guy while walking to the beach.



i got so many wonderful compliments on this maxi dress.  I love how the colors look like watercolor pants have been splashed all over it.  It’s a sheer dress which makes it so versatile, I’ll wear it with a red body hugging skirt and snug black crop top underneath or throw it over a bathing suit and jean shorts.  Perfect to dress up or down!



After a really long day, discovering an inexpensive bottle of wine to take home is always glamorous.



Last but certainly not least these Risa Sandals by Tilden are simply amazing.  Perfect strappy summer heels!

Have a fabulous weekend!




It Was One Of Those Nights

…And I wanted a really good mask to put on my face, to sit in a really long bubble bath, maybe drink a little wine, light a few candles and chill out, you know, a beauty night.

I went to Ulta to find a nail polish; my toenails hadn’t had polish on them for two days.

2 words: Flintstone feet.  

If it weren’t for my caveman big toe, my feet would have a chance at looking cute.

Anyways.  After I spend a half hour looking at all the pretty color options between Essie, O.P.I., China glaze, and Zoya I finally found a spectacular mermaid color: Turned Up Turquoise by China Glaze.  I just wish they had more creative names sometimes.  What a great job to have.  “What do you do for a living?”  “Oh , I come up with nail polish names.”  FUN.

Now to find a mask and clearly I am on a budget.  As much as I want that Exuviance clay Masque I have raved about in the past I skip it because well I’m broke.  Of course, then I can’t figure out which one to get because I feel if I go too cheap it won’t be worth it at all and well I don’t want to spend more then $5 (sad, I know).

So, I check out.  I have my nail polish; at least my toes will finally be back to normal and not look so sick anymore. 

Fast forward to the evening, I am home alone and too lazy to spend so long in the bath tub (wtf?)  so I shower quickly try to give myself as best a foot scrub down as I can in the shower and hop out.  A rose petal and honey pedicure sounds good right about now. 

For some reason I start thinking of avocadoes.  Don’t judge me, I have 3 in the fridge and I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, they are going to go bad 

I do need something to soften or brighten or whatever my feet because I hate feet in general and ugly feet make me dry heave. 

So I go into the kitchen and pull out those three avocadoes.  I take one, slice it in half and mash half of it in a bowl.  Hmm.  Well here’s my mask.  I go into the bathroom to test it out… on my face.  It doesn’t stick well, I mean its an awkward texture, there are chunks literally sliding off of my face.  I don’t get it. 

Back to the kitchen with Avocado “pulp” as they call it half way smeared on my face with bits attaching in awkward places I pull out the plain Greek yogurt that probably will never get eaten, why waste?

Add it to my mashed avocado. 

This creates a nice little paste that kind of looks promising.


Yup, you know what happens next, I smear that shit all over my face.  It’s a little hard to control, getting in my hair, the sink, I mean I have to paint it on with my finger tips over the bowl I mixed it in so I don’t make a mess (just after the maid has come nonetheless). 

Okay, success.  It is on.   

Back to where this all started:  How am I going to get this on my feet and then get somewhere where I can wash it off.  Uhhh…

Bathtub it is.


I am sitting on the edge of the bathtub with yogurt and avocado on my face and my feet texting my best friend Angela about what exactly is going on right now. 

The life of a DIY beauty adventurer.

Not only did this avocado and yogurt mixture save me a ton of cash it has so many benefits you wouldn’t even think of.

The Yogurt

  1. It revives dull skin locking in moisture leaving you with that dewy skin you see in the magazines.  The lactic acid in the yogurt which is a natural alpha hydroxy acid brightens your skins tone and firms it’s texture.
  2. The zinc in the yogurt also helps relieve the wrath of the sunburn and with summer coming up (hopefully you slather on the sunscreen) you might find this comes in handy.
  3. It fights acne with it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties!
  4. Yogurt can aid in fixing any age spots or discolorations you’ve accumulated, if you’re like me it’s melasma!
  5. The lactic acid can also help fight aging.  It’s an exfoliater getting rid of the dead skin cells and tightens your pores.

The Avocado

  1. It contains vitamin A which gets rid of the dead skin cells (like the yogurt) and also glutamine which cleans and protects your skin from free radicals and the daily life of environmental factors.
  2. The oils of this fruit are able to penetrate DEEP into the skins layers leaving you moisturized literally from the inside out stimulating the growth of skin cells improving the blood circulation in the area it touches.
  3. It contains many antioxidants that fight toxins (as we mentioned at #1) especially from make-up and other topical treatments
  4. Like the yogurt, avocadoes also aid in relieving sunburn!

 Other beauty masks to try:

Yogurt and lemon juice (fresh)- for discoloration

Avocado and honey- moisture

Avocado and 1 full egg hair mask- for shiny hair








The First Time I Visited This Little Gem In Suburbia


It started out with a phone call like this:

“Hi, Ariel? Yes, we are a mess.”  My sisters words drip with dismay.

We. Are. A. Mess.

And by “we” she meant me.  A true hot mess.

I have a confession to make:

I am a beauty blogger and I had not gotten my hair cut (or touched by the hands of a professional) in literally one year. One year!

I cringe at actually writing that…

Before my initial visit to this hair doctor I hadn’t been to the salon since February of 2012 and I cut it all off by a person I had never met, with a coupon I found on… wait for it….GROUPON.

I did, yes, I grouponed my hair.  Shut up.

Anyways, When I ventured up to Northern California this past February for Super Bowl Sunday where my sister who is the queen of making sure “when you do it, do it right” she didn’t even need to see me to call Hairtini, a hair salon located in Downtown Livermore, California, to book an emergency appointment literally asking her hair stylist (Ariel) to stay later so she could get me in. 

I mean in all honesty I couldn’t be upset at the fact that she was saying my hair was absolutely ridiculous and needed some serious TLC; I waited ONE YEAR.

So, my sister rushed over to pick me up and drive me clean up the rat’s nest we so often called my hair. 


When we arrive we walk in the front door and are welcomed by Ariel and Thia, both hair stylist (Thia, the owner) with style, sass and a whole bunch of funny.  It’s a small and adorable little spot with a sign so appropriately placed reading “Hairtini, The Hair and Make Up Shake Up Place.”  How. Fun. 

I am giddy right when I get there, sarcasm in full blast (as it is when I am with my sister). 

“Let me just finish them up and then I’ll clean up and get you in the chair!”

Ariel yells over.

She is super eclectic and edgy definitely dances to the beat of her own drum and swinging around her amazing hair which is died super bleach blond on top and black underneath- awesome.

I came in with a bun on top of my head, hair not brushed (or washed for that matter), make up barely done and in floral leggings and a pink knit sweater- I would love to know what she was thinking at that specific moment when she saw me; especially after walking in to this super stylish place.

Not too long after Ariel welcomes me into “the chair” and asks me, “So what are you looking to do.”

My only thought was: Fix. This. Mess.

“Well, I’d like to cut it and even it out considering I have let an A-line grow for one year without a trim.”

I see her checking out my hair and I can tell it’s not good, whatever she is thinking.

“How much are you willing to cut off?”

My eyes go wide, “Well, willing none.  But if I have to…. The least amount possible!  And I can’t promise I won’t cry.” 

The peanut gallery (my sister), “She cries at everything!”

If I’m not between a 3 and 7 on the emotional scale, I’m crying.  Seriously. It’s bad.

That’s when my sister disappears and then shortly after returns with 2 bottles of champagne (we are definitely related).

She applies a protein rich hair mask and lets it sit for a while, allowing for the first glass of champagne to be poured and enjoyed.

Some of the things girls talk about are hysterical especially in hair salons!  Why is it we vomit our entire lives on our stylists?  It’s like free therapy with alcohol involved.

We talked about everything, from family, to dates gone bad, hair extensions falling out; but whatever they did it worked, I was buzzed and forgot about all the hair she wanted to chop off.

Over to the shampoo bowl we went relaxing back into a comfortable chair (no neck problems what-so-ever) I was shampooed, conditioned and sat up to towel dry my mane.  Over to “the chair” we wen; immediately, the glass of champagne was refilled and the scissors were out. 

“There is no crying allowed in the salon.”  Ariel smirks.

She wouldn’t face me towards the mirror (not that I asked at all) but as I’m writing this I realized I was never turned around always facing the audience… Smart.

There were razors, scissors, combs, pins I mean you name it, we went to surgery on my hair.  There was no holding back.

 I see behind me the hair is being swept up, the blow drying is starting and…..wah-la.  She spins me around and… I DON’T CRY!

It is perfect not too short, perfect layers around my face, great side swept bangs, textured in the back.  I never knew I had hair like this.  I actually look like I could be a beauty blogger now.

I wish we took a before and after picture…

Fast forward andddd go.

After I had discovered Ariel from Hairtini (thanks to my sister) I am simply too afraid to go anywhere else.  I tell my friends all the time that I would rather buy the $200 plane ticket because I know my hair will be done right!


Extensions, Cut, Color, Kids, Highlights, Wash, Blowout- I’ve seen it all being done in this multitasking spunky salon, and every time someone is finished with their appointment they leave with a smile on their face and maybe a few hair whips.

I went this past weekend for a trim and walked out looking kind of like a glamorous rock star.  She always asks me what I want to do and my simple response is:

“I want it to be long and I trust whatever you do.”


Thanks Hairtini Crew! See you in September!




Images courtesy of yelp.com and the Hairtini Facebook Page

Contact Information:

Hartini – (925) 449-9016

Ariel Darling- Hairstylist Deluxe

2027 3rd St
(between L St & K St) 
Livermore, CA 94550
Yelp Reviews Are AWESOME

I Caved.



Every time I open up facebook or some other social networking site I see this “Cinnamon and Honey Cure’ bullshit.  Trying not to be tempted in reading about this new “fad”, I failed. 

I read. I researched. I caved.


I started this morning and will hopefully continue to do it and see how it effects my bod and helps me on my journey towards my famous hashtag BeachBod (it’s everywhere #BeachBod on Instagram @akaJorjaBryn).  

The Concoction:

1:2 ratio (1 part cinnamon to 2 parts honey)

Start by boiling water and then adding it to a cup that already has your 1 part cinnamon in it.

Let steep for 30 minutes, allowing the water to cool.

Add your 2 parts honey to the cooled mixture.

Part 1:

ON AN EMPTY STOMACH right when you wake up (and 30 minutes before breakfast) drink have of the mixture you made.

Cover and put the remainder in the refrigerator.

Part 2:

Drink the second have of the mixture you made on an empty stomach right before you go to bed (hours after you have eaten dinner).

Supposedly this little mixture is suppose to detoxify your digestive tract, block the build up of fat, make you lose inches all while helping defend your body from disease. 

At least it tastes good.





Spring Lips


Even though the first day of spring was cold and cloudy (wtf) I couldn’t be happier that it is finally here and the rainy days are behind us.  I’m more of a summer gal, you know what I mean?  I love warm mornings, later evenings and getting my tan on (while wearing SPF 50).  

For the appropriate Spring Has Sprung scenario, I thought what a perfect way to get dolled up with hot pink lips.  Minimal make up is my thing for this season and I don’t really care if they say playing up the eyes and down the lips is the trend, i’ll do what I want.  

‘A bright pink lip says girls just wanna have fun in a cool 80’s way’ and I dig that.

For your weekend- here’s your tip- Go Pink or Go Home.