Beauty Review, New Music & A Few Favs I Found This Morning

“They’re Real!” 

How many times have we heard this from celebrities, friends and your friend’s sister?

If I had a quarter for every time I heard a person exclaim, “They’re real!” I would never have another laundry worry for the rest of my life, however I also use to live in L.A. where, “They’re real” is heard all too often usually followed by, “I swear.”

 Yeah, Yeah, give me a quarter.

I am a full believer in “natural” beauty and accentuating your natural features however a little extra boost in the small areas never hurt anybody!

That brings me to They’re Real! Mascara Beyond Mascara by Benefit


I was skeptical upon receiving this little tube because I’ve heard mixed reviews about it.

This is what Benefit says their product will do for your Lashes


“They’re real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!”


What I am about to write does not deflect from their perfectly pink written words on their website.

When I pulled the wand out of the tube it made that wonderful suction noise cleaning the brush of all the excess formula that destroys our lashes when not removed.

The brush is made of tiny, plastic, spaced out bristles



and the formula has a thicker consistency but because of the brush and the way the tube cleans the brush as it is pulled out it provides smooth application.

The way I applied the mascara is from root to tip with a side to side motion.  I feathered my outer eye lashes outward while keeping my lashes in the center swooped upward.

There is a significant difference that I saw when using this mascara!

Eyelashes were not thick but long and curled.  I am a fan of very black mascara and it provides dark, elongated lashes that open up the eyes.  

I do love this mascara for a night out; I have deemed it my Saturday Night Mascara!

On to the next piece of news:

Featuring HAIM- I fell in love with them today!

A new playlist to listen to today!  

What’s listed:

Cups by Anna Kendrick

Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Royals by Lorde

The Wire by Haim

Drug Dealer Girl by Mike Posner

Shake by The Head and The Heart

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

And last but not least, some fun things I found this morning



Bold Rainbow druzy quartz point bullet necklace- $22 





Always Be Yourself Print- $33


Marc by Marc Jacobs Natural Selection Distressed Alicia Bag

Killer bucket bag for fall!

xx gorgeous!




The First Time I Visited This Little Gem In Suburbia


It started out with a phone call like this:

“Hi, Ariel? Yes, we are a mess.”  My sisters words drip with dismay.

We. Are. A. Mess.

And by “we” she meant me.  A true hot mess.

I have a confession to make:

I am a beauty blogger and I had not gotten my hair cut (or touched by the hands of a professional) in literally one year. One year!

I cringe at actually writing that…

Before my initial visit to this hair doctor I hadn’t been to the salon since February of 2012 and I cut it all off by a person I had never met, with a coupon I found on… wait for it….GROUPON.

I did, yes, I grouponed my hair.  Shut up.

Anyways, When I ventured up to Northern California this past February for Super Bowl Sunday where my sister who is the queen of making sure “when you do it, do it right” she didn’t even need to see me to call Hairtini, a hair salon located in Downtown Livermore, California, to book an emergency appointment literally asking her hair stylist (Ariel) to stay later so she could get me in. 

I mean in all honesty I couldn’t be upset at the fact that she was saying my hair was absolutely ridiculous and needed some serious TLC; I waited ONE YEAR.

So, my sister rushed over to pick me up and drive me clean up the rat’s nest we so often called my hair. 


When we arrive we walk in the front door and are welcomed by Ariel and Thia, both hair stylist (Thia, the owner) with style, sass and a whole bunch of funny.  It’s a small and adorable little spot with a sign so appropriately placed reading “Hairtini, The Hair and Make Up Shake Up Place.”  How. Fun. 

I am giddy right when I get there, sarcasm in full blast (as it is when I am with my sister). 

“Let me just finish them up and then I’ll clean up and get you in the chair!”

Ariel yells over.

She is super eclectic and edgy definitely dances to the beat of her own drum and swinging around her amazing hair which is died super bleach blond on top and black underneath- awesome.

I came in with a bun on top of my head, hair not brushed (or washed for that matter), make up barely done and in floral leggings and a pink knit sweater- I would love to know what she was thinking at that specific moment when she saw me; especially after walking in to this super stylish place.

Not too long after Ariel welcomes me into “the chair” and asks me, “So what are you looking to do.”

My only thought was: Fix. This. Mess.

“Well, I’d like to cut it and even it out considering I have let an A-line grow for one year without a trim.”

I see her checking out my hair and I can tell it’s not good, whatever she is thinking.

“How much are you willing to cut off?”

My eyes go wide, “Well, willing none.  But if I have to…. The least amount possible!  And I can’t promise I won’t cry.” 

The peanut gallery (my sister), “She cries at everything!”

If I’m not between a 3 and 7 on the emotional scale, I’m crying.  Seriously. It’s bad.

That’s when my sister disappears and then shortly after returns with 2 bottles of champagne (we are definitely related).

She applies a protein rich hair mask and lets it sit for a while, allowing for the first glass of champagne to be poured and enjoyed.

Some of the things girls talk about are hysterical especially in hair salons!  Why is it we vomit our entire lives on our stylists?  It’s like free therapy with alcohol involved.

We talked about everything, from family, to dates gone bad, hair extensions falling out; but whatever they did it worked, I was buzzed and forgot about all the hair she wanted to chop off.

Over to the shampoo bowl we went relaxing back into a comfortable chair (no neck problems what-so-ever) I was shampooed, conditioned and sat up to towel dry my mane.  Over to “the chair” we wen; immediately, the glass of champagne was refilled and the scissors were out. 

“There is no crying allowed in the salon.”  Ariel smirks.

She wouldn’t face me towards the mirror (not that I asked at all) but as I’m writing this I realized I was never turned around always facing the audience… Smart.

There were razors, scissors, combs, pins I mean you name it, we went to surgery on my hair.  There was no holding back.

 I see behind me the hair is being swept up, the blow drying is starting and…..wah-la.  She spins me around and… I DON’T CRY!

It is perfect not too short, perfect layers around my face, great side swept bangs, textured in the back.  I never knew I had hair like this.  I actually look like I could be a beauty blogger now.

I wish we took a before and after picture…

Fast forward andddd go.

After I had discovered Ariel from Hairtini (thanks to my sister) I am simply too afraid to go anywhere else.  I tell my friends all the time that I would rather buy the $200 plane ticket because I know my hair will be done right!


Extensions, Cut, Color, Kids, Highlights, Wash, Blowout- I’ve seen it all being done in this multitasking spunky salon, and every time someone is finished with their appointment they leave with a smile on their face and maybe a few hair whips.

I went this past weekend for a trim and walked out looking kind of like a glamorous rock star.  She always asks me what I want to do and my simple response is:

“I want it to be long and I trust whatever you do.”


Thanks Hairtini Crew! See you in September!




Images courtesy of yelp.com and the Hairtini Facebook Page

Contact Information:

Hartini – (925) 449-9016

Ariel Darling- Hairstylist Deluxe

2027 3rd St
(between L St & K St) 
Livermore, CA 94550
Yelp Reviews Are AWESOME

My first beauty review!!

And for some reason I am so excited about it.

It has to do with facial cleanser and how shitty some are and how so many people abuse theirs (*cough* you over scrubbers *cough*).

A little washing your face 101:


Scrubs that are grainy like this one strips your skin of everything bad AND GOOD.  This can cause over production of oil leading to acne, breaking of blood vessels in your face and doing some serious damage making you age quicker.  No thanks.


Especially in the morning.  You just spent 8 hours sleeping, allowing your face to produce good for you oils, why wash them all away?

My routine: I wake up and rinse my face first with warm water to open the pores and then rinse with cool water to close them.  Following that I apply my moisturizer with SPF.

Bing. Bang. Boom. Done.


Educate yourself on the products you are using!  Some shouldn’t be mixed; for example glycolic cleanser following with a Retin-A? Bad idea blond-y.

Okay i’m done lecturing, I could go on and on and on…. and, well, on but I will spare you.

On to some good stuff!

I never thought I had sensitive skin.  In fact I was one of the idiots who at one time was using a glycolic cleanser and a retin-a lotion at the same time.


And my poor skin was so sensitive to anything!  It was on a serious strike against me basically saying “F YOU AND ALL THAT CRAP YOU ARE PUTTING ON ME,” rebelling at any cost.

So I listened and put away the harsh chemicals I was applying to my skin, swapping them out for creamier, softer, natural products like the one I’m about to mention.

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Cotton Extract

Burt's Bees

What Burt’s Bees claims of the product:

  • Softens and helps replenish skin’s outer layer with Cotton Extract
  • Gently removes dirt, oil and make-up without over drying or causing redness
  • Formulated with Quillaja and Yucca Extracts to help remove impurities without stripping essential moisture
  • Fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic
  • Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested

(from the website)

What I am saying of my experience with the product:

First off I waited to write this review till I was completely out of this cleanser.  I wanted to use the entire thing which took about a month or so before I wrote what my sarcastic and slightly inappropriate mind thought of it.

It’s literally like you are washing your face with lotion.  Especially because I like to take 300 degree showers (which strips your everything of the essential oils you need, totally not recommended) this facial cleanser not only conditioned and moisturized my face, it  did what it said on the label, it cleansed my skin.

The Pro’s of this product:

TONS of moisture



I didn’t break out- at all.

Works great with your clarisonic if you have one

How I used the product:

Since I am a workout junkie I have to wash my face (which is usually done in the shower) after my workout.  This was the perfect product to use.  Like conditioner for your hair, I would apply this product to my face and massage into my pores for 30-40 seconds and then leave it on my face as I washed my body.


At night before I would go to bed I would do a pre-wash with Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser to get rid of the make up and then apply with the clarisonic massaging the ‘medicine’ deeper into my pores.

Any questions? Comments? Have you tried this product?




Places to purchase:


Burt’s Bees