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Beauty Regimen For The Airport & Missing A Flight



I swear my eyes just closed, I literally just got to sleep.


I have 15 minutes to get ready finish packing and get into the car.

‘Now I’m glad I cut my own bangs.’

‘Maybe I’ll just put on red lips and my Ray Bans.’

The thoughts on how to get ready fast keep coming in, however I have not moved a single muscle yet.

Rolling out of bed and dragging my feet to leave the room the thought of making coffee seriously crosses my mind, utilizing the time I definitely don’t have.

That 3:00am glass of wine doesn’t sound like such a good idea now.

I go straight to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, it’s not a pretty sight:  puffy eyes, tornado hair, and skin that screaming for water.

Beauty Regimen this morning

1. Quick wipe of the face with my calming lavender Neutrogena wipes to cleanse this horrific blotchy skin and take off the left over mascara on my eyelashes

2. Garnier Vit C and caffeinated cream to de-puff my Quasimodo eyes

3. Too Faced Beauty Balm in Cream Glow mixed with a little bit of Maybelline BB Cream in Medium to blur the imperfections from no sleep and alcohol.

4. Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment for my dehydrated lips

5. Curl of the eye lashes and a swipe of falsies mascara.

Fix these bangs, I have no time for this hair.

Grab the Ray Bans.


This is really how good it is going to get.  Sorry people.

I throw a few more unnecessary things into my suitcase hoping the 5 pairs of shoes and my entire wardrobe doesn’t weight over 50 lbs.

Laptop. Check.

Make Up. Check.

Cell Phone. Check.

I still need coffee.

AND I need to drop my car off at a friend’s house because of LA street sweeping and I don’t pay those tickets.


I look at the clock.


My flight is at 10:25am.


It’s a 25 minute drive.


A hot mess, I run out the door, boyfriend in tow.

Of course being way more organized then I am he grabs my luggage and takes it to the car.  Me without coffee, I might as well be dead, I’m useless.


You know when you are in a hurry and there’s no traffic but you get stuck behind the one car that’s going 15 mph under the speed limit?  That’s my luck this morning.

Drop off the car.

Hop in the boyfriend’s.

Finally we are on our way to the airport.


Applying mascara only seems appropriate.

Airport wardrobe:

Black leggings

49-er T-shirt

Tribal print scarf

Cream lace scarf

Black suede wedges

Black peacoat


Never wear your pajamas to the airport.  It’s tacky.




Still on the freeway.


I mean, I might as well miss my flight.  The worst case is I get to have a cocktail while I wait for the noon flight, right?


I’m texting my friend Angela- the one I’m going to visit in Arizona and the whole point of this flight- and letting her know there is a slight possibility I might miss this one


Her exact reply:



I’m already in trouble.




I get to the airport, kiss my boyfriend, and then run to the check-in counter.


I love southwest.

Barely a line but I still need to get my boarding pass and drop off my checked bags.


Checked in: group C 5

Bag is dropped off.


I get to security and we have to go through a maze just to get to the beginning of it!

You know the guy who puts his bins all over the place and uses like 10 to put his things in, can’t take off his shoes even though they are slip-ons and still is confused with how to “do” security?


Yea, I was stuck behind that guy.


Eventually, I made it through still contemplating that cocktail plan I had.



Cutting I reeaalll close.

Running to the gate.


I have to stop.

Med black coffee


Protein Bar


Breakfast of champions


10:20 am

I get to the gate

Long story short, I made it.

Beauty Products Mentioned in this post


Neutrogena Lavender Cleansing Towelettes 

Garnier Skin Renew Radiance Moisture Cream

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8 in 1 cream

Too Faced Beauty Balm Cream Glow

Maybelline Volume Express Flared Falsies Mascara


Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment



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