Teres | A Nail Bar

This is for my Arizona people!

While in Arizona visiting my friend Angela and participating in Birthday Shenanigans involving too many cocktails and the great foodie adventures of Phoenix, we had some important business to get done that was discussed even before my arrival into the desert:  Nails.

Yes, I just did that.  I worked you up for an entire paragraph and ended it with the fact that we needed manicures, STAT.

We decided Tuesday morning after getting breakfast at a great little café with the best black coffee I have ever tasted, that going into Old Town Scottsdale to get our nails done was at the top of our “to-do” list.

As we got into Old Town, we realized we had no clue as to where to get our nails done that were reasonably priced AND great quality.

Of course Yelp had to get involved.

Stopped at one place first walked in and found out they were booked… till tomorrow.

That wasn’t going to work; it was a must for today.

Walking out we called another place and same thing, booked.  WTF IT’S A TUESDAY?!

Finally, the 3rd place had an opening for both of us and was within walking distance.

As we walked up we say the beautiful sign, Teres| A Nail Bar.  We walked in and immediately the receptionist was so welcoming and so nice, with perfectly applied chalk white polish on her fingertips.  The colors of chocolate, mint and strategically placed metallic accents filled the room.  It wasn’t crowded, it was clean, everything was in perfect symmetry and placed in the perfect position to make you feel calm and excited for your nail adventure.  Let’s face it, we girls get excited about this stuff.

As we sat on the couch drinking our Aloe infused purified water, we looked at the nail swatches which came by the hundreds it felt like.  They had every shade of red, the perfect nudes for every skin tone, blues, greens, metallic, even a glitter collection Mariah Carey would be impressed with!

After picking out our colors we were handed a brochure, since we were first time clients, as well as a “bar tab”.  They didn’t pressure you to choose a large package and spend your entire savings in one nail visit, they allow you to stay basic and bubble in simply a “gel manicure” with the options of adding extra’s and “luxuries”.  You could add special top coats, glitter, oils, therapies, I mean the list goes on and on!  You could customize your nail experience making it as expensive or inexpensive as you want, and get this, if your gel mani chipped within 2 weeks, they would redo your nails or if it was serious, give you a whole new manicure.. uh?! YES PLEASE!  They guarantee your mani to last 2 weeks and if not, oh they will just redo it.  No big deal.


Anyways, long story short, they are fricken awesome.

A for Quality

A for Price

A for friendliness

A for cleanliness

A for I’ll be back in March when I go back to Arizona for my birthday.


Grade:  A


In total I paid $35 for my gel mani.  Actually no, I’m lying to you, my boyfriend paid $35 for my gel mani because he sneakily called the salon to pay before I could (what a lovely man).


Visit http://www.teresnailbar.com/ for more information on this one of a kind nail salon and for franchising info!  (Yea, you can open up your own.)



Teres | A Nail Bar

7120 East Indian School Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Mon. 10am-7pm
Tues. – Fri. 9am-7pm
Sat. 10am-7pm
Sun. 10am-4pm








Le Specs


Browsing the Internet one day, on a desperate hunt for new fashion finds and ideas an interesting image came across the computer screen.  Geometric shapes sitting on the nose of a gorgeous model that, honestly, would make anybody stop and slightly drool.


More intrigued my focus zeroed in on what was happening in front of this model’s eyes.  The perfect square, flipped into a diamond, sitting inside an open circle; this opaque black lens was nothing less then perfection.


Utilizing creativity through shapes, precision and not afraid to be different, Le Specs captures our hopes of what we look for when shopping for the perfect pair of sunglasses: Style, trend, quality, difference and affordable


Born in 1979, Le Specs took over Australia, bringing a unisex, Euro-Chic look to the mates down under.  After taking over the 80’s, Le Spec decided to take some time off, 20 years of time off to be exact.  However those two decades didn’t hinder their fashion forward sunnies popularity.  Coming back strong in 2006, Le Specs style became iconic and is now being seen on many famous faces such as Miranda Ker and Olivia Wilde.


In 2011 Le Specs teamed up with renowned London fashion designer Henry Holland (House Of Holland) to produce an exclusive, youthful collection filled with unisex designs that target fashion forward people of all ages.


Don’t be afraid to be different and step out of your box.


As they say “Le Specs, Le Tough”


Le Specs can be found at:







10 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Los Angeles.

L.A. is its own world.

There is such thing as L.A. style, this is where the hipster was born.  It’s an environment full of perfectly altered individuals, streets filled with cars, the only “big city” where you call a cab instead of hailing one, where having green juice or a nonfat soy latte  perfectly drinkable at 140 degrees and no foam (because it’ll make you bloat) is perfectly normal, a place where all artists and creative people alike congregate and where seeing a celebrity is part of your daily routine.

Two Words:  Culture-Shock

Quarters Are Like Gold

Every week I run into the same problem, I’m always a quarter short.  I can never just simply throw a load in the laundry machine if I need to wear something that night.  I have to actually plan to do laundry?  WTF?

So, I’ve come up with a good solution:

Never tip your barista with the change they give you, yes be greedy and keep those damn quarters, tip them in dollar bills instead (the plus side, your barista may give you an extra shot, can we say ‘COFFE FIX’).

Traffic really does suck.

Yes Los Angeles is known for its traffic because well, nobody works and everybody is always late.   You actually start planning your entire schedule around traffic and yes, it will take you at least 30 minutes to get anywhere in L.A.

In the midst of all my traffic traveling I’ve learned a very important piece of traffic survival:

Always let the beat up car have the right of way.  No exceptions.

Honking becomes white noise.

With all the traffic of course there comes the honking.  It could mean anything from

“You should’ve ran that red light.” Or  “I had a feeling you needed to turn left!”  It’s obnoxious.  Don’t worry you kind of stop hearing it after a while.

The Homeless Are Brave

Getting gas one day I was in my car searching through my wallet for some cash.  Next thing I know I hear a tap on my window, I look and it’s a woman, covered with layers of blankets and beanie, with a couple of missing teeth.  She points at me and goes “YOU GOTTA LOTTA MONEY” and stands there staring at me. Uh…

Street Sweeping, Two Hour Parking, No Parking:  READ THE PARKING SIGNS

Holy parking tickets.

I can’t even count on two hands anymore, I have gotten so many parking tickets multiple times for so many different reasons.

1. Street Sweeping: I get it, the streets need to be swept, but at 9:00 am?? Well unfortunately the answer is yes, at 9:00 am.

Find other parking or wake your butt up and get moving, you’ll get a nice fine to pay the city for that extra sleep.

2. No front license plate:  Living in California prior to Los Angeles I had never gotten a ticket for not having a front license plate, in fact when I told my dad about my first one he was shocked, and I thought that was hilarious because he’s a retired police officer, but nope, he had no idea that was a law either.  Nail the damn thing on to the hood if you have to.

3. Expired meter:  Oh your meter expired two minutes ago?  Well, no use going out to put change in it, you already have a ticket.  The parking police are out to get ya.

4.  Blocking a sidewalk:  I was picking up my friend Nicole one day and I had to go to the bathroom so bad (over share, sorry) so I pulled onto the drive way really quick to run in.  I was maybe gone 45 seconds (ask Nicole, she’ll vouch for me), I come out and there is a parking guy writing me up a ticket for blocking the sidewalk.

5. The 2 hr. parking sign:  They aren’t kidding.  Listen to it. Obey it.  The parking enforcement actually pays attention.

This really is the “hot spot” for beautiful people.

Seriously, does everybody who is good-looking flock to this part of California?  Not only does everybody stay incredibly fit (as proven by all the runners on the city sidewalks) but every time I turn the corner there is a beautiful person staring me in the face, dressed perfect with their LA style and “effortlessly messy” hair.

Winter, it’s a joke.

It’s a great reason to move here, the sunshine, the ocean;  It’s like summer is always flirting with you as you roll down your window and the beastie boys start playing.

You will have no problem finding a liquor store or food delivery.

Liquor stores are like Starbucks, they are literally on every corner.  Hungry at 2 am?  Your in luck, some of the best food is still open around that time.  Home on a Friday night and not in the mood to leave your house to get wine?  Yea, there’s delivery for that.

There are so many creative people.

Yes, it is true, everybody in Los Angeles is a writer, actor, dancer, producer and the list could go on and on.  However, this is LA, this is what LA is, the next time I hear someone sigh and say in their snooty pissed off voice, “EVERYBODY is an actor or director here!”  Well yes, good job, you get a gold star for noticing.  Don’t like it? Move.

People dance to the beat of their own drum in which they are actually drumming.

You want to network and meet somebody to inspire you?  Make a trip to this town.



The Knot Par-Excellence

The classic bow tie is a favorite staple among fashionista’s and fashionisto’s alike.  Able to be worn casually or formally, the accent of the first neck knot comes in an array of colors, textures, fabrics and designs.

For me, the jabot (French, Pronouned Ja-bow) is one of the most inspiring pieces of fashion out there.  Mixing this little piece of menswear with your own girly (or not so girly) wardrobe is the perfect way to pull any outfit together.  One of the many reasons this is a favorite is because of how versatile the bow tie has become: jeweled, bedazzled, metal, even as a necklace for us ladies.

For men, you can never go wrong with the bowtie. Worn with a classic blazer, alone with a button up shirt and jeans or with your tux; but don’t go “Chip and Dail” on us, I mean… Unless you really want to (Think Channing Tatum).Image


The Jorja Bryn

A Fashion Alter-Ego

A spin off from The Stiletto Mafia (www.TheStilettoMafia.com ), Jorja Bryn is a fashion addict who doesn’t care what people think, loves a rouge lip and a stiff cocktail. 

She finds street style more interesting then runway, isn’t afraid to go over the top however will always be on point with style whether its making up her own or… well making up her own. She is personal style mixed with quirk, glam, beauty, sex and celebrity.

What inspires her and her style:
Bow Ties
Big Collars
Nerd Glasses
Spikey Heals
Sheer Chiffon
High waisted

Fashion Icons:
Mary-Kate Olsen
Nicki Minaj
Chloe Sevigny
Lady Gaga
Kate Moss
Rachel Zoe

Jeffrey Campbell
Dolce Vita
Hive and Honey
Zac Posen
Alberta Ferretti
Alexander McQueen
Herve Leger