Pretty In Petals


My sister came to visit me this past week- for one day.

Yup, she is awesome.  She took a flight from San Francisco to Orange County, landed at noon and left the following day.  The day was filled with sunshine, shopping, good drinks and then we ended up at Mastro’s Ocean club for some more cocktails and amazing food!

Anyways- As we were shopping in downtown Laguna Beach she kept saying, “You are such a hippy!”  or “You belong in the 70s!” This couldn’t be more true.  I’m a true hippy/gypsy/mermaid down to my bones.

Which brings me along to this post!

Flower Power Biatches.

Cropped, skinny, maxi, decorative and head dresses; however you like your florals, they compliment EVERYONE and give you a girly look that you can play up, play down or go Bad Girl RiRi on their ass.


What did the Petal Cam catch?





Trend Vs. Style


(Rita Ora)

As a proclaimer of self-expression and being a free bird of style myself it is only appropriate to address this issue between what’s trends and what’s style.

These two nouns are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum and often used interchangeably which drives me insane.

Trend: flow, current; the general course or prevailing tendency

Style: expressing oneself; a particular kind, sort, or type, as with reference to form, appearance, or character

Such a thing as “street style” is an example of this self expression showing what a person actively chooses out of their closet to wear out in public.

“Spring trends” is an example of the guidelines that are put out there to inspire and give you ideas about your sense of style and love of fashion.

Don’t follow the herd.