Beauty Review, New Music & A Few Favs I Found This Morning

“They’re Real!” 

How many times have we heard this from celebrities, friends and your friend’s sister?

If I had a quarter for every time I heard a person exclaim, “They’re real!” I would never have another laundry worry for the rest of my life, however I also use to live in L.A. where, “They’re real” is heard all too often usually followed by, “I swear.”

 Yeah, Yeah, give me a quarter.

I am a full believer in “natural” beauty and accentuating your natural features however a little extra boost in the small areas never hurt anybody!

That brings me to They’re Real! Mascara Beyond Mascara by Benefit


I was skeptical upon receiving this little tube because I’ve heard mixed reviews about it.

This is what Benefit says their product will do for your Lashes


“They’re real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!”


What I am about to write does not deflect from their perfectly pink written words on their website.

When I pulled the wand out of the tube it made that wonderful suction noise cleaning the brush of all the excess formula that destroys our lashes when not removed.

The brush is made of tiny, plastic, spaced out bristles



and the formula has a thicker consistency but because of the brush and the way the tube cleans the brush as it is pulled out it provides smooth application.

The way I applied the mascara is from root to tip with a side to side motion.  I feathered my outer eye lashes outward while keeping my lashes in the center swooped upward.

There is a significant difference that I saw when using this mascara!

Eyelashes were not thick but long and curled.  I am a fan of very black mascara and it provides dark, elongated lashes that open up the eyes.  

I do love this mascara for a night out; I have deemed it my Saturday Night Mascara!

On to the next piece of news:

Featuring HAIM- I fell in love with them today!

A new playlist to listen to today!  

What’s listed:

Cups by Anna Kendrick

Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Royals by Lorde

The Wire by Haim

Drug Dealer Girl by Mike Posner

Shake by The Head and The Heart

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

And last but not least, some fun things I found this morning



Bold Rainbow druzy quartz point bullet necklace- $22 





Always Be Yourself Print- $33


Marc by Marc Jacobs Natural Selection Distressed Alicia Bag

Killer bucket bag for fall!

xx gorgeous!




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