Summer Romance Make Up



I needed a little inspiration for applying my war paint today.  Searching through blogs, articles, pinterest, magazines and playing with my own make up, I became inspired by being au-naturale and the simplicity of accentuating the fine features on the face.

For instance:

Darkening the outer edges of the eyes while highlighting  the inner corners of the eyes to open the eye up bust still keep your edge with a cat eye.

Having long thin lashes rather then dark voluminous ones for the natural look but making you look awake.

Lining the lower lashes from the outer corners to center matching the position of your pupil with a charcoal or dark brown pencil

Using a fair pink blush rather then a deep rose colored one keeping the focus on your eyes and having a slight matte flush on the cheek

Sticking to nude lips applying a high-lighter just above the cupid’s bow to allow your lips to appear fuller but without the glam of gloss and lipstick

Soft whispy hair is always seen as romantic and a no-nonsense hair-do

Effortless exactly what we are going for.

No birthday cake face required for this one.

Have fun with your war paint today!






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