It’s Been A While…

There has been chaos.

I’m talking nonstop shenanigans that have taken up all my writing time, beauty time, fashion time.

Currently I am sitting here writing this with my hair on top of my head, zero make up, a huge red shirt that says Puma and Victoria’s Secret Flower sleep shorts, oh, and a Venti black coffee from Starbucks.  Exhaustion finally has time to set in and let me tell you, I am effing tired.

Regardless of the exhaustion, everything was totally worth it.  I planned my boyfriend’s birthday party for 20 people starting with 10 for lunch on a Duffy ride and then moving on to the pool/BBQ party barbecuing up a storm for 20–majority boys.  Actually all boys except for my wonderful sister who came down from San Francisco and I.

Anyways- planning takes a lot of time and that moves me into a new page I will be creating which will be all things parties and events.  Stay tuned!

Hopefully now I will be getting back on track and keeping you up to date with all my writing.  What’s today?  Tuesday?

 I’m already late.





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