Well Ain’t That The Truth


Happy Monday Mantra.

Unfortunately it’s late, but I have been traveling this past weekend and left this part of me at the beach as I went North.  A blog waits for no woman, I know but it’s better late then never.

North is where my family lives and the event was a bridal shower.  As I’m sure is familiar to all of us, every family has a little bit of crazy that comes with them.  Don’t get my words wrong I love my family and going to visit them, but it’s great to fly south after 3 days and be a distance away: Balance.

As stressful as this weekend was with too many cocktails and too many events and too many personalities all in one room (or city) it is always a learning experience.  There are of course fun times that reminds you how important family is and those moments that show you for every mistake that is made there is a lesson learned, and if there’s not, i’m sorry but you are doing something wrong.

The Point:  It’s okay to make mistakes and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.




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