Spring Is Here And Summer Is Rapidly Approaching

The skies are blue, coastal temperatures are reaching up to 90 degrees and the sunshine is staying out later and later.  For all those summer addicts reading get excited because in a few weeks we will hit the best months of the year!

Moving on to my topic today, with these warm months coming it’s time to update your summer staple: The Maxi Dress

Not very original considering it’s “the thing” to get every summer, a “closet staple”, and the go-to piece for summer’s relaxation, the maxi dress may be seen every spring and summer however it is the prints and styles that change, allowing you to mix it up, express your personal style and get a new one every season!

Great excuse right?

This year it’s all about the graphic design (such as floral- my obsession right now), monochrome, white (not just for brides anymore), cutouts, flowy material (is flowy even a word?), plunging necklines and chic mesh accents.

With those guidelines, choose your maxi that best suits and accentuates your body.

Whether it be a strapless or strappy, boho, retro, contemporary, romantic or sensual there are so many styles out there that fits your bod the way you like.

The maxi dress is perfect to wear from the beach to lunch with friends, to a night out or date night with your man.  I wear my maxi’s every where in the summer for example this summer my maxi was bought for a dinner at a fancy restaurant and will also be worn for a bridal shower, beach birthday and I’m sure a date night in there somewhere.

Some ideas to spice up your imagination!


Need some more style inspiration and where to purchase?

I set up a nice little board for you to click around on!







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