Sephora Bottled Dreams

Browsing my millions of emails ( I really should unsubscribe to some of the things I get) I came across my usual @Sephora Beauty Insider letter I get on a pretty regular basis.  They always have some of the best bundle deals and great new finds, what girl could resist reading their newsletter?!

Today I found Sephora Favorites in Perfume.

Most of us have a signature scent, however I know as a girl with many personalities, moods and events to go to (especially with summertime soon approaching) I LOVE when I can find a new scent that I can wear for date nights with my hubby, brunch with the girls or a casual day out!  Who doesn’t love switching it up?  Change is good!

If you are having trouble finding your new scent or don’t want to spend $70 on a single perfume bottle that you aren’t sure of, try Sephora’s Bottled Dreams Fragrance Impression Sampler For Her .

This set is compiled of Sephora’s most sought after fragrances in the perfect sampler sizes to try and test out which scent fits you best!

0.25 oz BALENCIAGA Florabotanica
0.22 oz Coach Love
0.16 oz Gucci Guilty
0.17 oz Juicy Couture Couture La La
0.14 oz Lancôme La vie est belle

On top of all the amazing scents, you also get a bonus 0.5 oz Sephora By OPI Nail Color in What Aura Gonna Wear? perfect polish for spring and summer!

Check It All Out Here




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