Monday Mantra- Happiness


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week, mainly about happiness and it’s pursuit.  

I’m in my twenties- out of the disastrous teenage years but before the whole I got it all figured out sort of decade- and I worry.  Constantly I am a damn worrier, but over what?  Money? My purpose? What I’m doing?  That’s boring.

Why live a life full of worrying when you could be taking risks and having fun while figuring it all out.


So I decided I’m just in the pursuit of happiness.  I won’t do anything that makes me unhappy because it’s simply not worth it.  Take this time in your life to ‘discover and explore your personal interests’; be selfish.  Go more deeply then what is superficial and figure out what you love whether it be traveling, writing, acting, nursing, school-whatever.  It’s up to you to make changes, find your passions and live your happiest life.


‘That starts with going with your gut and pursuing what you feel is best for you.’


Peace Cray Fish!





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