Monday Mantra

Be A Starter

I came across this, this morning and absolutely loved this ‘mantra’ for this morning and to start off this week!

Scratch Your Own Itch: Satisfy yourself as only you know how best to do so!

Make Something: whatever it is- get creative

Leave the Poetry in What You Make:


  1. Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm;…
  2. A quality of beauty and intensity of emotion regarded as characteristic of poems: “poetry and fire are nicely balanced in the music”.

Ignore the Real World: Use your imagination

Planning is Guessing: Go with the flow

The Perfect Time Never Arrives: Start Now

When You Want Something Bad Enough You Make Time: Get It done- Find a way to reach your goals and pursue your dreams

Your The One Who Has To Believe In It Most: If you don’t nobody else will

Ideas Are Immortal The Last Forever: What matters is your inspiration

Inspiration Is Perishable: It has an expiration date if you want to do something, you have to do it now. Inspiration won’t wait for you- it’s a magical thing.

If It Grabs You, Grab It Right Back and Put It To Work: Put your dreams to work.






Sephora Bottled Dreams

Browsing my millions of emails ( I really should unsubscribe to some of the things I get) I came across my usual @Sephora Beauty Insider letter I get on a pretty regular basis.  They always have some of the best bundle deals and great new finds, what girl could resist reading their newsletter?!

Today I found Sephora Favorites in Perfume.

Most of us have a signature scent, however I know as a girl with many personalities, moods and events to go to (especially with summertime soon approaching) I LOVE when I can find a new scent that I can wear for date nights with my hubby, brunch with the girls or a casual day out!  Who doesn’t love switching it up?  Change is good!

If you are having trouble finding your new scent or don’t want to spend $70 on a single perfume bottle that you aren’t sure of, try Sephora’s Bottled Dreams Fragrance Impression Sampler For Her .

This set is compiled of Sephora’s most sought after fragrances in the perfect sampler sizes to try and test out which scent fits you best!

0.25 oz BALENCIAGA Florabotanica
0.22 oz Coach Love
0.16 oz Gucci Guilty
0.17 oz Juicy Couture Couture La La
0.14 oz Lancôme La vie est belle

On top of all the amazing scents, you also get a bonus 0.5 oz Sephora By OPI Nail Color in What Aura Gonna Wear? perfect polish for spring and summer!

Check It All Out Here




Breaking Out Again?!

Breaking out

I’m on this “beach bod” kick.

Most people who are into beauty on the outside are interested in what is happening on the inside, too.  Me?  I’m a health freak.  I’ve tried every lifestyle you can think of from being a vegan raw-foodist to the paleo diet; told you, freak.

Anyways, I am always browsing health information and holistic remedies to improve the body and keep it strong and healthy, because as I have said before (in my mermaid hair diet post) beauty really does start within, in other words what you put in your body and how it functions.

I came across a really interesting article today about skin and it’s number one issue: Acne.

The reason we humans get acne is because the body is telling us that something is wrong and of course embarrassing you to get your attention just seems like the most appropriate way to handle the situation; but the method works right?

So let’s talk food.  Most food today is genetically altered; loaded with steroids, antibiotics and pesticides; mixed with corn products (which seem to be in everything now a days) and matched up with vegetable oils and refined sugar.  All of this is for mass production and meant to be cost effective.  Why is there corn in my protein bar?

This is why organic, whole foods are your best bet when shopping.  Although possibly more expensive, the benefit from these foods are greater then any price tag you could put on them.

Back to skin.

Some foods that can cause acne are: Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Vegetable Oils., Artificial Food Additives.

Let’s look a little bit closer.

Food Additives

Have you had a diet soda today, or this week for that matter?  Aspartame (which is an artificial food additive) is known to cause inflammation in the body (not to mention brain cancer).  Our bodies need to be in an alkaline environment to be healthy, which means our PH levels are above 7.  When our bodies drop below this alkaline state into an acidic state we are in danger for inflammation along with numerous other problems but in regards to this article- acne.

refined sugar

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Did you grab a candy bar as a meal replacement on your lunch break?  Sugar causes the production of the wonderful hormone that causes acne.  Check what is in your protein bar you grabbed from the store, how many grams of sugar are you actually eating?  That Vanilla Latte you grabbed from The Coffee Bean, oh yea, loaded with sugar.  Keeping your blood sugar levels in control and not bouncing all over the scale can help keep your acne in check and your cravings to a minimum.  And sorry boozers- that goes for alcohol too.


Along with your favorite flavored coffee, it’ usually married with dairy.  Whatever kind it may be, organic, fat free, reduced fat, whole: it’s not good.  That goes for yogurt too!  Cow milk is loaded with growth hormone- I mean it, is meant to make a baby calf twice it’s size, right?  Along with that, growth hormone has shown that it does aid in the production of acne when consumed.  It’s simple.  Ditch it.  There are plenty of alternatives out there if you want your probiotics and “milk” (just don’t reach for soy—eeek).

gluten free

I know this next one is part of the huge fad that is out there right now.  We are constantly seeing everywhere ‘Gluten Free Options’ and new gluten free menus at our favorite restaurants.   We will make it simple. When you think of gluten associate it with sugar because it has the same effects on your skin.  It causes inflammation in your digestive track, which in turns puts all that goop on your face.

Try to keep things like cereal, bread, pasta and flour out of your diet.  Eliminating this ingredient could eliminate your bumpy skin!

Go to the cupboard and pick out one of your favorite snacks. Look at the ingredients and tell me if you see canola oil or some other kind of vegetable oil in it.  Waiting…

vegetable oils

Ok, most likely it’s a yes.  These vegetable oils are closely related to trans fat and both cause inflammation.  Try sticking to olive oil or coconut oil.

Healthy Fats 2

On the positive side there are so many healthy, delicious foods that help create beautiful clear skin such as: avocados, walnuts, almonds, wild salmon, blueberries, raspberries and leafy greens like kale.  Creating a digestive track that is free from inflammation and healthy is a great start so stick to whole foods and eliminate the 5 ingredients you should stay away from!




Part Tres!

They say sequels can never be as good as the first, welp, they are liars.

After the 73 freeway being shut down, and everyone getting their panty’s in a bunch over it, the much anticipated, The Hangover Part 3 is complete!

Why it’s awesome.

1) Bradley Cooper. I think that’s enough said.

2) The first two were HILARIOUS, even if over the top and gross at times; you know this one will be just as funny and amaze you with Todd Phillips humor.

3) It’s the wolfpack’s last adventure and once again they are trying not to get killed by Mr. Chow, Alan keeps putting their lives in danger AND from the looks of it, they end up in Vegas again?!



I Caved.



Every time I open up facebook or some other social networking site I see this “Cinnamon and Honey Cure’ bullshit.  Trying not to be tempted in reading about this new “fad”, I failed. 

I read. I researched. I caved.


I started this morning and will hopefully continue to do it and see how it effects my bod and helps me on my journey towards my famous hashtag BeachBod (it’s everywhere #BeachBod on Instagram @akaJorjaBryn).  

The Concoction:

1:2 ratio (1 part cinnamon to 2 parts honey)

Start by boiling water and then adding it to a cup that already has your 1 part cinnamon in it.

Let steep for 30 minutes, allowing the water to cool.

Add your 2 parts honey to the cooled mixture.

Part 1:

ON AN EMPTY STOMACH right when you wake up (and 30 minutes before breakfast) drink have of the mixture you made.

Cover and put the remainder in the refrigerator.

Part 2:

Drink the second have of the mixture you made on an empty stomach right before you go to bed (hours after you have eaten dinner).

Supposedly this little mixture is suppose to detoxify your digestive tract, block the build up of fat, make you lose inches all while helping defend your body from disease. 

At least it tastes good.





Monday Mantra- Happiness


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week, mainly about happiness and it’s pursuit.  

I’m in my twenties- out of the disastrous teenage years but before the whole I got it all figured out sort of decade- and I worry.  Constantly I am a damn worrier, but over what?  Money? My purpose? What I’m doing?  That’s boring.

Why live a life full of worrying when you could be taking risks and having fun while figuring it all out.


So I decided I’m just in the pursuit of happiness.  I won’t do anything that makes me unhappy because it’s simply not worth it.  Take this time in your life to ‘discover and explore your personal interests’; be selfish.  Go more deeply then what is superficial and figure out what you love whether it be traveling, writing, acting, nursing, school-whatever.  It’s up to you to make changes, find your passions and live your happiest life.


‘That starts with going with your gut and pursuing what you feel is best for you.’


Peace Cray Fish!