Monday Mantra

After an exciting weekend of starting a new job and the gorgeous weather that’s hit the beach side cities (after the crazy hail storms just a few days ago), it’s always great to start of the week with inspirational words.  Now, I’m lucky enough that my Monday’s involve writing and sleeping in there for not acquiring the usual “Case of the Monday’s” to start off my week, however for some readers that may not be the same!  Which is why I have started the “Monday Mantra” posts for you to get you motivated and possibly influence you to try something new.

Moving to Los Angeles I had one mission and that was (and is) to pursue a career in “The Industry” which is still in progress but moving along fluidly.

Because of that determination, moving to paradise was so back and forth because moving from that City of Angels meant to me I was moving away from my dreams; this is not the case at all!

In a text message my sister sent to me when I was going through this dilemma she wrote, “Better to regret things you have done, rather than things you haven’t,” and how true is that?

So for the risk takers or people needing inspiration to take risks and be daring- this is for you!

Breathe Monday Mantra


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