Extend Your Mascara’s Life!


As my sister always taught me, I always get a little bit ready before leaving the house and part of that regimen includes applying mascara.

I find that mascara whether designer or contemporary always dries out before you are done using it; that is annoying and not friendly to any broke pockets.

In order to keep your mascara alive and kicking for a couple weeks longer- yes literally weeks- I’ve found this impressive recipe safe to use on all mascaras.

Mascara’s Tested:

LipFusion XL

Too Face



Urban Decay

Other Supplies:

Saline Solution (your contact lens cleaner)

Steps Taken

It’s really easy and doesn’t take too much time (which I fancy)!

Step 1- Open your mascara

Step 2- Take the tube that holds the mascara liquid and drop 4-5 drops of saline solution inside

Step 3- Take mascara wand and pump inside tube a few times to combine

Step 4- Use your mascara as usual

Dummy proof.

Your results should be a moist mascara solution that allows you to apply normally.

There. You. Go.

Monday’s Make Up Trick.




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