Morning Top 5

Just made coffee. Not ready to be coherent. 

And the top 5 areee……



BP Studded Faux Leather Back Pack – $58 @Nordstrom

You can’t go wrong with a chic rocker backpack.  SO much better then a purse sometimes.



Smooth Gold – $14 @Asos

Because I just bought a pair and there’s free shipping.



Stila In The Know Shadow Palette- $39 @Sephora

This is literally one of the best shadow palettes I have ever used and for $39?  Amazing deal!


Aura Cacia Organic Argan Oil- $23 @Amazon

I put a little on my hair 10 minutes before I shower and let it sit, then wash and condition as normal.

You can also put it on your hair before bed.  I apply and then tie my hair up in a bun as I sleep.

Results: Amazing shine, condition, and softness.  No frizz?  Say what??


La Fee Verte Lace Bralet- $77 By Langley

Valentine’s Day is Almost Here! (barf) 

But anyways- something sexy (and elegant) is the perfect little surprise

Lacey black with a soft past pink is the perfect contrast for a super sexy Valentine’s day.


OK! Done!





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