Splurge Of The Week

Okay so I didn’t do a morning Top 5.  But I have something else that’s reeaaallllyyyy GOOD.

We will call this our “Splurge Of The Week”, but I promise it’s kind of worth it.  Image

I’m talking about NeoStrata’s Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque.  I had a sample and after a night of working out ( #BeachBod) I decided to try it out.  I wasn’t really expecting much… you know those Mint Julup clay masks that suck all the moisture out of your skin as well as the impurities?  I was expecting that; so I slathered it on anyways.


After it was finished drying, oh say about 10 minutes later, I took a warm damp cloth and wiped it off my face.  Holy. S*%#. The instant results were amazing.  Right away your skin looks brighter AND cleaner.  Your skin tone looks even and smoothed out, slightly flushed from the tingling sensation this little mask gives you, not to mention my face was able to move freely without the restriction of being tight and dry.


On the more expensive end of the skincare spectrum, the Exuviance line is clinically proven to improve your skin tone and texture and is one of the few skin care lines out there that is prescription strength and can be purchased “over the counter” (aka: Well worth the dough).


I used this mask 1-2 times per week and saw a huge improvement in my skin from texture to unclogged pores.  For those of us who weren’t born with permanent airbrushed skin, this is a fabulous solution to acne prone skin and/or uneven skintone/texture.

Purchase Online Here – $39 @UltaCosmetics


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