Matte Nails It

The Manicure.

How much of our hard earned money goes towards this one luxury?

I mean seriously, we spend so much money on making sure our tiny little finger tips are groomed.  Bad day?  Manicure.  Special Event?  Manicure.  Day off?  Manicure.

Nothing wrong with that!

However, my perception on the manicure has changed.  Instead of that perfectly glossy top coat I’m digging my rebel tendencies and going toward matte.

Teres Nail Bar turned me onto this trend in Arizona.  I knew I didn’t want glitter at that moment and my wonderful manicurist suggested trying a matte top coat.  I got each ring finger done just to test the waters.

Side Note—I Didn’t know you could use regular nail polish on top of gel nail polish.  Every place I went to wouldn’t do it for me—rude.  You CAN.

The texture is still smooth, just not shiny.  Think colorful chalkboards.

My manicurist from Teres used Matte About You by Essie; only $10 for a strong top coat (I got my nails done a week ago and my ring fingers are still matte-Hell yes).

Some of my favorite uses for the matte look are over glittery nail polish and metallic colors- seriously perfecting these looks without looking “hood” and Barbie-ish.  You know what I’m talking about.



Click for Matte Nails It Ideas


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