Le Specs


Browsing the Internet one day, on a desperate hunt for new fashion finds and ideas an interesting image came across the computer screen.  Geometric shapes sitting on the nose of a gorgeous model that, honestly, would make anybody stop and slightly drool.


More intrigued my focus zeroed in on what was happening in front of this model’s eyes.  The perfect square, flipped into a diamond, sitting inside an open circle; this opaque black lens was nothing less then perfection.


Utilizing creativity through shapes, precision and not afraid to be different, Le Specs captures our hopes of what we look for when shopping for the perfect pair of sunglasses: Style, trend, quality, difference and affordable


Born in 1979, Le Specs took over Australia, bringing a unisex, Euro-Chic look to the mates down under.  After taking over the 80’s, Le Spec decided to take some time off, 20 years of time off to be exact.  However those two decades didn’t hinder their fashion forward sunnies popularity.  Coming back strong in 2006, Le Specs style became iconic and is now being seen on many famous faces such as Miranda Ker and Olivia Wilde.


In 2011 Le Specs teamed up with renowned London fashion designer Henry Holland (House Of Holland) to produce an exclusive, youthful collection filled with unisex designs that target fashion forward people of all ages.


Don’t be afraid to be different and step out of your box.


As they say “Le Specs, Le Tough”


Le Specs can be found at:







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